Our Control Panel

We paid special attention to our administration interface, where you can easily manage your whole account and all our services (ASP.NET webhosting, serverhosting and others).

We created the control panel from scratch and step by step, with focus on speed and clarity. We believe that thanks to implementing responsive design and the latest web app technologies we managed to create an interface which will make managing your services a piece of cake.

For all our customers we, as one of the few companies on the market, prepared an advanced developer API which will enable you, for example, to code your own administration application connected to our JSON API interface, or to run tasks and actions from your own code.

We are constantly working on our control panel and we are preparing extensions which you might be missing. If you find something missing from the interface, we'll be happy if you let us know.

Our Control Panel Offers
  • Secure encrypted HTTPS access
  • Management of webshoting and its parameters
  • Editing FTP accounts and their access rights
  • Editing MS SQL databases, Collation, Language, usage
  • Editing email accounts and their access rights
  • Statistics of Application Pool usage
  • And many other things!
The Advantages of Our Control Panel
  • We offer two factor authentication for logging in
  • Complete service management in one place (from account setup to billing)
  • Fast, modern and responsive interface
  • The possibility to connect to our JSON API
  • We are constantly updating the interface with new extensions

Control Panel Preview

Don't hesitate and give our control panel a try for free. Place an order on a new service for a chosen domain and you can test for 14 days completely free of charge!

Try our Control Panel online, for free and right now!

Login: demo

Password: demoaspify

Admin interface


A complex overview of webhosting services
Admin interface


Information on current usage and load of webhosting
Admin interface


An overview of all payment details and receipts
Admin interface


An overview of active and old orders
Admin interface


Advanced Application Pool settings
Admin interface

FTP Accounts

Editing and creation of FTP accounts, including advanced rights
Admin interface

MS SQL Database

Information on free space in the database
Admin interface

MS SQL Database

Editing and creation of MS SQL databases

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