Frequently Asked Questions

We are noting down the most common questions from our customers and we store them in this section, so that they can be used for future reference. You can find questions about webhosting and billing as well as technical questions. If you are missing any question here, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to update the page.


  • Billing: Is it possible to upgrade webhosting?

    Yes, you can upgrade to a higher module any time. You will receive an invoice based on the the remaining prepaid period.
    Downgrading to a lower tier is only possible at the end of your billing period.

  • MSSQL: How many databases can I set up?

    We are not limiting the number of databases in any way. You can set up several smaller or fewer bigger databases, depending exactly on what you need. You choose the database size while setting up a new database.

  • MSSQL: Database remote access

    You can access your database also from external computers (devices). You can connect to the database server for example via Management Studio directly from your PC!

  • FTP: Can I create an additional FTP account with limited access rights?

    Yes, you can create an unlimited number of individual FTP accounts for your webhosting, and additionally, only with us can you limit access rights for individual FTP accounts. And that's not all, you can even limit the speed for particular FTP accounts and many other parameters too!

  • Domains: Do you offer domain registration?

    We believe that one should only do what one does best. Therefore our company does not offer domain registration at the moment. To register your domain you have to choose one of the available registrars.

  • Domains: What DNS servers should I use?

    Our company currently does not offer domain name registrations or DNS server operation. Please contact your domain registrar who is responsible for offering providing you with a DNS server and zone file as part of your domain registration for free.