At ASPIFY we offer a wide range of serverhosting services, where we apply our over 15 years of experience. The service which we offer cover everything from beginning projects to demanding cluster applications using dedicated RAID storage.

Thanks to using branded DELL servers, we prevent problems and unexpected outages, which increases the stability and availability of all services. Another advantage of ours, compared to our competitors, is the usage of Intel Enterprise SSD drives which excel in speed and the number of operations they are capable of processing every second. In each of our servers we have several such physical SSD drives installed in RAID for secure data storage.

Virtual SSD servers


You can get your own virtual SSD servers from ASPIFY starting from the price of 390,- Kč / month excl. VAT.

Service Description

Virtual SSD servers are suitable for starting projects and applications which don't require a dedicated physical server. Despite several virtual servers running on a single physical hardware, thanks to branded and well-designed DELL hardware and using SSD drives you get an affordable service.

The added value of our service

  • No initial fees or costs
  • Low monthly service maintenance costs
  • Servers running on branded DELL hardware
  • Performance ensured by Enterprise SSD drives in RAID
  • The server configuration can by upgraded at any time
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Dedicated servers


You can get your own branded dedicated DELL server from ASPIFY starting from the price of 1 890,- Kč / month excl. VAT.

Service description

Dedicated servers complement our virtual SSD server offerings and offer even higher performance and physical availability. This way you get a fully dedicated hardware solution, which you are not sharing with anyone and which enables you to fully use the performance of top-class hardware solely for your own applications.

The added value of our service

  • The server's performance is dedicated for your own purposes and you aren't sharing it with anyone
  • The service can be extended by administration, backup and moving behind firewall (Managed server)
  • The server's performance can be upgraded up to hundreds of GB RAM and terabytes of disk storage
  • Another dedicated server can be added at any time and the workload can be distributed accordingly
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