Backing up your devices has never been easier. We offer services for backing up devices to Cloud for small and large businesses. Thanks to this service you will gain space where your encrypted backups are available from anywhere 24/7. Don't worry about your data, back it up using our solution based on the Veeam platform.

We're capable of backing up tens of terabytes of data. And thanks to using incremental and differential algorithms the data transfer itself is reduced to the very minimum.

Information about the Service
    • You can back up your own server and client PC
    • 24/7 access to your backups - anytime and from anywhere
    • The backups are stored on branded DELL hardware
    • Encryption of the backups, to ensure a safe data storage
    • Our servers and the data are stored in a safe data center
    • We're capable of hosting tens of terabytes of data
    • For backing up we use a patented solution by Veeam

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A Modern Data Center

Our modern data center equipped with the latest technologies operates on several independent optical connections with the speed of N x 10Gbps, which enables high availability even for the most demanding projects. By default we provide dedicated servers with 1Gbps ports, which can be expanded to the speed of up to 10Gbps.

Our Data Centers

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